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8070 Management is an growing part of services provided by the company.

8070 Management started out by managing Paralympic Cycling Silver Medalist Rik Waddon and Paralympic Swimming Bronze Medalist Natalie Jones during their lead up to and through the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Natalie has now retired from her sport after making London her final games whereas Rik is now planning his return for Rio 2016.

Management has now become part of the business and 8070 since has taken on Phil Smith who won the KGP World Championships in 2012 and music artist Andy Crawford and his new band which will be moving further forward in 2014.
8070 Management is now taking on more Athletes, Motorsport Drivers and music Artists as part of the business.

If you are looking for a management package the please get in touch for a consultation,

Phil Smith has been racing since his junior days. Winning many club championships, obtaining many lap records, Phil became the only driver to win 3 British Open Championships in a row.

2012 became Phil's best moment when he won the KGP World Championship in Italy.

Phil is focused on racing in the famous British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) but for 2014 he will need to race in the championship that runs alongside it, the Renault Clio Cup, televised on ITV4 with the BTCC.
Rik Waddon has been a Pro Cyclists and on the GB Team snice 2001.

Rik has achieved 7 Gold and 10 Silver medals including Paralympic Silvers in Beijing and London.

Since The games Rik has become a Sky Sports mentour inspiring young people.

Rik is now training for his Rio 2016 campaign to once again make the GB Team.
Andy Crawford has been writing and performing from a young age.

After spending some time in the US exploring the music industry and playing out there, Andy has now decided to put his band together and hit the music industry with his new material.

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Look out for new releases from Suburban Sky.
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